Wedding Season is never over

As always, I begin my blog with an apology because I don’t blog often and a fake promise that I’ll try to keep up with the blog (by the way, I haven’t blogged since mid-December I believe, and the new WordPress layout looks awesome. I’m a little confused, but it’s awesome).

Anyway, I love the terms “wedding fever,” “wedding season,” and “Pinterest weddings.” A lot of people think that there is a specific time for weddings, but last year was definitively the Wedding Year. Wedding season never ceased for me.

1. January: I started off the year flying to Puerto Rico to my cousin Vivi’s wedding to Rafael. It was an elaborate Catholic service (which I had never been a part of, so that was interesting) followed by the reception, dinner and awesome party at La Concha Hotel. It seriously ended around 1 or 2 a.m. Best wedding, hands down.


That’s my sister, my niece, my sister, myself, my sister and some girl whose name escapes me. 


Myself, my stepmom and my two nieces. 

2. March: My boyfriend’s best friend Ben got married at the Windermere Town Hall. It was a nice, quiet family affair.


That’s our friend Ryan, myself and my boyfriend. I was having issues with my bangs… 

3. April: My boyfriend’s high school friend Kyle got married at Dub’s Dread Golf Club. It was a fun wedding, but I felt weird because a teacher I disliked in high school was sitting in our table and I couldn’t tell her how much I loathed her because my boyfriend is friends with her. If we ever get married, she’s not invited. Just saying.

My boyfriend and I. 
4. August: My former coworkers, Emily and James, tied the knot this past August, lakeside at a private home wedding. It was a morning wedding too, which was a new concept for me. It was so lovely. We’ve all known each other (there’s a little group of us) for a couple of years now because all of us got hired at a new Chick-Fil-A together back in 2007.
 Myself, Emily (the bride) and Carrie (another one of the Chick-Fil-A clan). 
5. December: My old high school friend got married at the Shades of Green Disney resort. It was such a cute but elegant wedding. From the rage faces to the Star Wars wedding march to the high-five after kissing: It really captured the essence of what Danika and Alex are. I reminisced with old high school friends and had a blast dancing to Gangnam Style with a bunch of Asians (Danika’s family is from the Philippines.)
 Young, myself and Tommy remembering the good ol’ days. 
 Now it’s 2013 and tomorrow I’m headed to my first wedding of the year, followed by the first bridal shower of the year on Saturday, followed by Carrie’s wedding in February… I hope none of my friends get engaged soon because I can’t afford to be buying any more bridal shower and wedding gifts.
Best part of weddings: Spending time with family and friends, dancing, eating, drinking and dancing some more!
Worst part of weddings: Being called out to catch the bouquet because since I’m not married, I’m technically single. Even worse, having to go up to the “Single Ladies” song.
Nightmare part of weddings: People asking me when I’ll be settling down and getting married. I feel like I have so much stuff to do including graduating at the end of the year, finding a job, saving money, that I don’t have time to think about marriage. Yes, I have a wedding pinboard on Pinterest but I only did it because “everyone else was doing it.” And yes, if all my friends were jumping off of a bridge, I’d do it too.
Hopefully “wedding season” will be over soon. Here’s to not catching the bouquet!

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