Why can’t we all just get along?

The social media saga continues: Twitter now has Instagram-esque filters.

Recently, Instagram (who is owned by Facebook) pulled Twitter from its sharing app meaning that when Instagrammers wanted to share their pictures on Twitter, they would only be able to post a link instead of the picture. Users can still click on the link but a browser page will open in order to view the picture.

My phone just updated all of my apps and I was able to check out the Twitter Photo Filters that the social media site unveiled.

You can either upload a picture or take an original picture with the Twitter app. You’ll get a menu that is similar to the Instagram one. It has three icons: one for a quick edit, one to choose one of the 9 filters and one to crop the picture if desired.

I don’t really like the photo filters that they have. It reminds me of those crappy photo filter apps us Android users were subjected to before Instagram.

What I do like is the crop tool because we can either crop the picture or not and still be able to post it. On Instagram, we HAVE to crop it in order to post it.


Instagram updated as well and added a new black and white filter with a white border around it.


I’m not really sure why all these social media sites can’t get along! And I don’t know where Twitter is going with this since it is a micro-blogging app and Instagram is a photo-sharing app and there’s no point for them to be fighting.

Are you #TeamInstagram or #TeamTwitter?



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