Meet me at Marlow’s: Seriously, I can’t move from the food coma

Georgia-based Marlow’s Tavern, Orlando’s new gathering spot, opened its first location in Orlando on Oct. 9.

The 4,500-square-foot, 200-seat restaurant is located in Pointe Orlando on International Drive (tourist land).

Marlow’s Tavern features the “Best of the Best” in classic American tavern fare, in a modern atmosphere including communal tables and an intimate outdoor patio. The bar straddles the interior and the exterior of the restaurant, uniting the two spaces.

The menu offers a diverse combination of classic dishes that are updated to a gourmet level as well as an extensive beverage menu, including wines from around the world and hand-crafted cocktails. Their dishes and drinks have local and seasonal ingredients.

Restaurant industry veteran Alan Palmieri, co-owner, will be in charge of the day-to-day operations and future sites of Marlow’s Tavern in the Orlando market.

It is important to Executive Chef and Co-Founder, John C. Metz, Jr. that Marlow’s Tavern partners up with a local charity to support and give back to the community. In the past two weeks, they’ve raised $6,000 for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, a private nonprofit organization that collects and distributes donated food.

Marlow’s Tavern is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. until 12:00 a.m. and Friday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

My picks: (May induce a heavenly food coma)


Shrimp & Crab “Nacho” Plate ($11): rock shrimp, crab, pepper Jack cheese and fresh jalapenos.

Why it’s good: It’s not extremely spicy and they are very generous with the shrimp and crab. Also, the nachos aren’t soggy. No one likes soggy nachos.


Open Faced Tenderloin Steak ($12): Marinated bistro filet, garlic kale pesto, crumbling gorgonzola, caramelized onion confit, roma tomato, grille ciabatta and balsamic glaze.

Why it’s good: The steak was so tender and the asparagus as a side was amazing. Need I say more?


Fried Apple Pie ($6): Warm apple filling, toffee, cinnamon sugar and caramel.

Why it’s good: They are individual pies in the form of turnovers or “empanadas” filled with apple filling, covered in sugar and you can pour the warm caramel on top.


Blueberry Buck: Hanger blueberry, fresh lime, Fee Brothers almond orgeat, Barrutt’s Ginger Beer, Candied ginger and fresh blueberry.

Why it’s good: Have you ever popped a blueberry in your mouth after going blueberry picking? That’s exactly what this tastes like, with a kick.

Marlow’s Tavern has made me a happy girl. The staff was excellent and very knowledgeable about the drinks and the ingredients used. This restaurant is completely different from most chain restaurants because the feel is intimate and the ingredients fresh.

Sidenote: Oh! Also, the Queen of Versailles, Jackie Siegel, was there. It was so weird. This is the second time I’ve seen her at a restaurant opening. She invited us to her Halloween party. I thought she was joking. I forgot to ask her for info so I guess I’ll never get to visit Versailles. The life of the poor working intern.


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