Interdisciplinary Studies and A Llama

When I came to UCF last year, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to concentrate on.

Journalism alone seemed too simple and I wanted to try my hand at something different so I decided to major in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS). A lot of people don’t know what this is, so let me briefly explain it.

In IDS, a student has to choose two concentrations within the major and one minor.

Concentrations in Major: Letters & Languages and Communications (15 credits each)

Minor: Digital Media (18 credits)

Core IDS Cornerstone and Capstone (6 credits)

Foreign Language (8 credits)

I’m sure I’m missing something but who cares. Anyway, for my minor, I have a set track of classes that I have to take-four mandatory prerequisites and two electives. But for my concentrations I can take whatever classes I want that fall within Communications and Letters & Languages concentrations.

It sounds easy but sometimes it’s more complicated that necessary. For example, sometimes a COM course will be available but because I am not part of the Nicholson School of Communication at UCF, I can’t register for those classes and I miss out. I feel like a little rebel because I am not part of the “Brunsonite” journo clan at UCF. That’s what I call all the students of journalism professor, Brunson. He’s a cool guy who watches out for his students, but since I’m not part of the communication school, I’m an outsider to their world. Sad face.

Back to my original point of this post…

I just finished my assignment for my Digital Video Fundamentals course. The assignment was to create a 30-60 second video with at least 5 pictures, using the Ken Burns effect and include our name.

Of course, I had to make up for my crappy first project because I wasn’t satisfied with it. I was also inspired by The Fu Music’s Coming Home video that won a challenge on Internet Icon.

After a labor intensive day, in which I even had to get in the pool to take stop-motion pictures of a doll floating (with the aid of my boyfriend, thanks!), I can finally upload my assignment.

Check out my video here! 

Digital Media is not really my passion, but I guess I’ll stick with it because I’m in too deep. I’m learning some skills with Final Cut Pro and Photoshop as I go, so I hope that I can use these in the future.



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