Weird Tacos

So today I walked in to my internship at the Orlando Business Journal to find everyone crowded around the tiny kitchen in the office.

That must only mean one thing: free food.

I think I got into the journalism field just for the free food. I swear.

I sat down, waited for everyone to disperse and went to the kitchen and poked around the box on the table.

There sat a half eaten taco, tiny burgers and fries.


No thanks.

But upon closer inspection, I noticed that the food has a weird texture to it. Almost fake.

I picked up a fry and ate it. IT WAS A CUPCAKE!

I grabbed a taco and took it back to my cubicle and stared it. Here goes nothing.

It was a cupcake as well!


My taste buds were so confused because I was expecting something salty, but instead got sweetness.

The cupcakes were a gift from Tasty Illusions, an Orlando business run by couple Tory and Heather Isaac. They hand-craft all their cupcake desserts looking like actual food.

Right now, they only have the three menu items (fries, burger, taco), but hopefully as their company expands, they will start adding more things to the menu!


Deluxe Cheeseburger Slider: 100% All-American, premium cake patty, garnished with yummy sweets, a top a made-from-scratch vanilla bun.

Crinkle Fries: Hand-cut, golden, cake fries.  A sweet experience in every bite!

Taco: Our famous handmade sweet taco, filled with delicious cake bites, garnished with delicious satisfaction.

Book them for your next party!

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