Sweating at the bus stop: “Men are liars.”

Whoever took this picture, thanks. I look like a sexy journalist (Photo Cred: Mike Rice).

While waiting to find out if my article sucks or not, I went for a walk outside. The amount of homeless people here is pretty overwhelming, but I think that what Sean Cononie is doing with his shelter is amazing.

While on my walk, I realized something. The actual people from the town of Hollywood are way creepier than the homeless people could ever be.

I walked to the drug store and at least four cars slowed down, one of them actually followed me in his car into the drug store and asked me if I needed a ride. I politely declined.

(Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I went out for a dangerous walk).

I can’t even imagine what homeless teenage girls must feel like, getting solicited all the time. I wonder if they actually go in these men’s cars, just because they don’t have anywhere else to turn to.

COSAC homeless shelter doesn’t take homeless kids in. They have to be 18 or above so a lot of the homeless kids hangout at the parks in Hollywood.

Anyways, I was creeped out enough so I headed back to the shelter.

I met a man at the bus stop, also Puerto Rican, who told me he had been living in the streets for a month after his wife left him for another man and took everything. He was left with nothing and on top of that, he had lost his job so he was surviving on unemployment checks. According to his story, someone mugged him and stole his debit card and after he filed the police report, no one has gotten back to him. Then he told me he had cancer and AIDS.

He’s scared to call his family in Puerto Rico because he thinks everyone will abandon him and he’s scared to go to the homeless shelter. I’m not sure if everything he told me was true, but I still felt pretty bad.

I told him everyone at COSAC was pretty cool and that he shouldn’t worry about it.

I gave him my sandwich and told him everything would be okay.

He said, “Thank you so much. Take care. Stay in school. Don’t listen to men, they are liars.”

I hope he goes to the shelter tonight.

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