And then I farted.

Just turned in my article for the Homeless Voice and I am so overwhelmed by life.

That’s me being guided by my own personal Yoda: Koretzky. (Photo Cred: Devin Desjarlais). 

I have so many thoughts running through my head. I’ve had everyone read my story, I still hate it. Low expectations.

I took a break and walked back to the shelter and found myself talking to Georgia again. She told me that she lost her hearing at age 26. I asked her how, but she started telling me that she remembers her daughter’s birthday. I asked her about it, but she started telling me about how she takes Xanax because she has a lot of anxiety.

Before I started feeling bad for her, she said, “I have a funny story to make you laugh.”

“Last night, I was watching television, but I can’t hear it, you know? So I put the volume down and just read the closed captions. One of the girls woke up and said, ‘Georgia, why you have that on? I’m sleeping!’ so I said, ‘It’s not even loud!’ so she said, ‘Turn it off!’ So I did. I turned it off. Then I farted. Real loud. And the girl woke up again and said, ‘Damn! Georgia!’ and I just laughed.”

I guess if I was that old I probably wouldn’t care what people think.

More power to ya, Georgia.

I also met a Puerto Rican guy. His name is Ruben and he’s 29.

This is Ruben (Photo cred: WWFF12 photographer). 

I was having trouble understanding him in both Spanish and English, but I got that he has been living in Florida for 10 years.

He said he had only been there for a few days because he didn’t have any rent to pay for his apartment. He told me that he would never consider going to a homeless shelter in Puerto Rico because it’s so scary over there, but that this shelter was nice and everyone was nice to him. He showed me his blue watch and said my glasses matched his watch.

Then we talked about Puerto Rican food for a good 15 minutes. The life of the expatriates.

Actually, I probably talked about bacalaitos (fried cod fish) for about 10 of those minutes. They’re delicious, don’t judge me.

I noticed he was wearing one of those hospital release bracelets, but I didn’t really ask what was wrong with him. However, in the afternoon, his dad called him and he gave me the phone to talk to him. His dad seemed really frantic, trying to figure out where his son was. He lives in Puerto Rico and his ex-wife, Ruben’s mom, lives in Florida. I gave him the address and phone number of the shelter.

But yeah, those were my adventures in the homeless hallway.


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