Internet Icon Finale (for real now)!

YOMYOMF & Youtube finally got the video uploaded.

Unfortunately, I knocked out waiting for it to upload.

Fortunately, I just woke up having a coughing fit (‘I think I got the Black Lung, Pop’) so I just watched the episode.

So the last video we watched was the Orange Carpet Interview… we finally made it inside the venue, thank baby Jesus.

All of the past competitors were invited (Marlin Chan!), along with some guest judges (Kassem in tow) and all of the actors that helped the contestants with their videos (Yes, Alec was there. He was my favorite).

There was a short panel in which the actors discussed how tough it was to work as a team, how the competition changed and inspired them and how they think the competition is going to end.

If you’re wondering, Kyle Hatch still made me angry every time he spoke. I just felt like he never tried hard enough and that he should’ve never been in the competition.

Also, a contestant had a question about Justin James Hughes previously being affiliated with Chester See and Ryan Higa, which I thought was interesting. I wonder if that’s how he got picked. Fishy!

But anyways, they finally bought the contestants out and they watched the tribute video that the other contestants, along with Christine and Ryan, made for them, congratulating them on  their success.

Finally, the winner was announced and it goes without much surprise that the first Internet Icon is ….*DRUMROLL*


Congrats on winning the competition guys! Although I would have wanted the Fu to win over you, they were sadly eliminated in the past episode. But either way, you guys were one of my faves!

If you’re wondering, this is what they won:

1. $5,000 CASH

2. A Macbook Pro with Final Cut Pro X

3. A 14-day European trip for 2 on the European Discovery from Contiki Vacations

4. A 1 year development deal with YOMYOMF Network

5. A Sony Playstation Vita

6. A skate deck and truth apparel by Jeff Staples donated by

7. A meeting with a Top Hollywood Agent and Manager

8. A meeting with Hollywood Film Director Andy Fickman.

Congrats again Brothers! We’re getting ready for Season 2 on Internet Icon. I wonder what the judges will have in store for us!

Until next time!


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