Internet Icon: Final two!

I feel like my Tuesday and Thursday nights will have no meaning come August 14th when Internet Icon is over.

But alas, I shall carry on.

On this week’s Internet Icon, the contestants had to record a vlog, a music video and a skit with all the actors in it and a guest actor. I felt like the judges picked these categories because each team remaining was strong in at least one of these, for example: Lana/Vlog, Riedell/Skit and Fu/Music.

While the Fu Music and Lana waited outside the iconography room to begin their challenge, the Riedell Brothers were getting back to L.A. Center Studios from the hospital. It turns out that one of the brothers, Chris Riedell, had sustained a back injury during the competition and it finally got too painful to deal with. Thankfully, they made it back, only 30 minutes late into the challenge.

The guest star for the competition was Damien Dante Wayans and oh my God was he obnoxious. I know Ryan Higa and Christine Lakin told him to give the contestants a hard time, but jeeze, he took it way too seriously.

When Lana asked him to read the script for his part on the video, he refused. He told her he improvised and didn’t wear the scrubs Lana had asked him to, opting to wear his hoodie and sunglasses on the video. Because doctors wear that all the time…

The contestants turned their three videos in on time. The guest judge for this episode, wearing his signature wolf shirt and black rimmed glasses, was the one and only, comedian beautiful, host of the ‘California On…’ YouTube series, Kassem G.

I know, what a big introduction.

You don’t understand. I love this man. He is hilarious! I got the pleasure of meeting him in 2011 and 2012’s Playlist Live in Orlando.


We traded glasses this year, just for giggles.

Okay, back to the scheduled programming.

During judging, The Fu had a weak skit and strong music video and vlog. Lana had a strong vlog and music video, but a weak skit. The Bros. Riedell, as usual, had a strong vlog, music video and skit, which made them an easy choice to be kept in the competition.

After much deliberation, the Fu was eliminated from the competition. I almost cried! They were a really great team and all their videos were so heartfelt. I’ll miss you!

Now it’s up to you, America (and the Planet Earth)! You have to go to, like the page and vote by 8/14/2012 for the Bros. Riedell’s love/drama video or Lana McKissack’s vlog about little kids. You better believe I voted for the guys. I felt like Lana’s subject was way too common, but I must admit, she did a great job with the production on this video.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this week’s challenge here.


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