Internet Icon: The Trifecta

We’re down to the top three!

On this week’s Internet Icon, the contestants participated in the Set Challenge: Jail/Interrogation (Team Morgan), Court (Riedell Brothers), Bar (Lana McKissack), Morgue (FuMusic).

They had to create a video using that set, and only that set.

However, right around the time that most of the teams were done filming and ready to edit, the producers threw them a curveball. The contestants had to create a commercial for Internet Icon, within the time allotted to the teams for their set challenge and turn the commercial in, in an hour. That definitively screwed with the production, editing and voice-overs that the contestants had planned for their videos.

Craziness ensued as the teams scrambled around to gather themselves. The Bros. Riedell jumped right in to the commercial. They walked around L.A. Center Studios, filming actors, sets and the crazy things that can go on during the competition. Team Morgan and Lana tried to take a similar approach to their videos, but they didn’t come close to Team Riedell.

Lana McKissack, for the first time in the competition, had to deal with the fact that she’s the only one person team and got a bit overwhelmed.

They all got their commercials and videos in on time for judging.

The guest judge this week was Jenna Marbles (She’s my girl crush and I’m so sad I missed meeting her during Playlist Live). After a tough deliberation, Team Morgan was eliminated. As much as I didn’t want them to win, (FU MUSIC FOREVER!), I felt like they were growing so much during this competition. The judges really enjoy having Lana around. At the beginning of the competition, she had mentioned that she was dependent on having a cameraman, and since she’s been flying solo during Internet Icon, I feel like her videos show that. The camera shots aren’t the best because she’s by herself. But whatevsies, the judges see things I don’t see, so that’s probably why I’m not a judge.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 here!

Bye Spiderman!


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