Internet Icon: Judges’ Choice

Sorry for the delay in this blog post. I’m still on vacation and my internet connection sucks.

But who needs internet when you have this:


That’s me being a huge tourist in Sapphire Beach (St. Thomas), Culebra Island and Old San Juan (Puerto Rico).

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

This week’s Internet Icon challenge was The Judges’ Choice. The judges chose a unique set of concepts, wrote them down and had the contestants chose at random. The topics include: Horror Video (Dayside), a silent video (Team Morgan), a video with one continuous take (Fu Music), an instructional video (Team Riedell), and a character-driven video made documentary style (Lana McKissack).

Ironically enough, most of the videos picked by the contestants, seemed to match with their strengths.

The Bros. Riedell got a head-start since they won the last contest, but once they began shooting (with all the actors), an emergency studio meeting, that took almost an hour, was called into place. Most of the information that the studio went over with the contestants had nothing to do with them (i.e. cranes, power lines, generators), so that was a huge waste of time.

By the end of the meeting, producer Andy Fickman, in a very douchebag move, told the contestants that since the Riedell’s extra 30min were up (because they had to be at the meeting), all the actors and actresses were fair game for everyone. Luckily, all the contestants understood that the Riedell’s really needed the actors for their video, so they let them keep them.

On their last challenge, Team Dayside was told that they were rude to the actors/actresses, so this challenge they decided to be nice to them, except that instead of actually being nice to them, they told the actresses they were going to be nice to them so that they didn’t get in trouble again. Not very genuine, guys.

The guest hosts were David Fickas & Brice Beckham, two filmmakers with over 1.3 million views on their “Funny or Die” video.

During the judging, The Fu Music and The Bros. Riedell were on the top 2, with Fu Music’s video winning for the second time. These two teams are always head-to-head. I enjoy The Fu Music’s videos more because their videos are more about the content, rather than the production. Team Riedell is the opposite.

The team that got kicked off was Team Dayside (finally). Their video was weak, corny and didn’t flow. The one thing that they had going on was the make-up that they used on their actors/actresses. Now that all the teams I disliked are out, it’ll definitively be harder on the judges. I hope (cross my fingers) that the Fu Music wins!

The next challenge is the Set Challenge. The teams have to film their videos in that one set, nowhere else.


1) Riedell: Court Room

2) Fu: Morgue

3) Morgan: Jail/Interrogation Room

4) Lana: Bar/Restaurant

Watch Part 1 & Part 2 of Judges’ Choice.


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