Sullivan & Son: Cheers 2.0

Sullivan & Son, a new TBS original sitcom, premiered tonight.

Co-created by and starring Irish/Korean comedian Steve Byrne, and executive produced by Vince Vaughn, this show (along with Danny Masterson’s sitcom, Men At Work) is a nice change from the whole “Tyler Perry’s TBS” scene.

But my hatred for every Tyler Perry movie/sitcom can be discussed later…

This sitcom’s first episode centers around a lawyer, moving back from New York to Pittsburgh,  taking over his dad’s old bar and realizing his girlfriend is a materialistic snob. Its a “gettingback to your roots” kind of show.

I must admit, it was weird seeing Byrne starring in a sitcom instead of on a Comedy Central special, but he was delightful.

Check out his show on TBS on Thursday nights at 10pm.


Do it. Unless you want to make him cry.


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