El Interneto Icon: I’m in Puerto Rico!

First, I want to apologize for the the lack of clickable links on this blog post.

…But I’m in Puerto Rico and I’m typing this from my phone and overlooking this:


So I don’t care what you think!

For those who don’t know and haven’t bothered to read my bio, I’m Puerto Rican and half Cuban. I’m currently here, visiting my family. Here’s a picture of my niece and I as proof:


We have the same haircut.

Anyways, back to Internet Icon! This week’s episode was the Topical Challenge in which the contestants have to pick an article from the newspaper and create a video about it. YouTube celeb, Dave Days was the guest judge.

Justin James Hughes made a brief appearance and talked with Christine Lakin when he came back to the studio to pack his things.

The top three teams on the competition were Team Morgan, Lana McKissack and lastly, Team Riedell who won the challenge with yet another well produced video.

On the bottom were Kyle Hatch, Dayside and The Fu Music.

After last week’s episode, I am completely in love with The Fu and I was scared they would get sent home instead of Kyle Hatch. This week, The Fu, although they had an extra 30min for the competition, made their weakest video, placing them in the bottom.

Dayside was on the bottom as well, mostly because they are rude to everyone. For their challenge, they originally wanted male actors to play members of Congress, but the actors weren’t available. They ended up using the female actresses, but only after complaining about it to their faces and being visibly disappointed. It was very insulting to the actresses to witness that.

But guess what? Kyle Hatch finally went home! He has been the weakest contestant, I think, since day 1. He’s been in the bottom for a few weeks now and has had more than enough opportunities (that he didn’t deserve) to prove the judges wrong. I can finally sleep soundly at night, knowing that he’s no longer there.

Looking at the remaining teams, I wonder how Lana McKissack is going to deal with being the only contestant left who isn’t part of a group. Since they’re getting close to the end of the competition, she will need a support system to keep her spirits up, and it seems that every team has that within their group.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this episode.

Goodnight, Internet.


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