Internet Icon: Kyle Hatch makes my blood boil

Back when I was studying journalism at Valencia College a whopping year and a half ago, my professor would always say his blood was boiling. Whether it be our bad headlines, corny subheads or inadequate use of space on a page; his blood was always boiling.

In honor of my professor, I want to say that Kyle Hatch makes my blood boil; but more on that later.

On this week’s episode of Internet Icon, the contestants participated in the Prop Challenge. They had five hours to shoot a video using a Twinkie, a rubber ducky, a hula hoop, a wig and a banana peel. The guest judge was MysteryGuitarMan. 

The winner of the last challenge was Justin James Hughes, so he had 30 extra minutes to work on this challenge.

While he was filming his video, he got a call time for a gig on a T.V. show he had previously booked, which conflicted with the competition. He informed production about this and the producers were not pleased.

Hughes’s video was going to be screened last so that he would have ample time to make it back to the studio. He never did make it back.

So, that makes it pretty obvious as to who was eliminated this episode. A lot of contestants were not chosen during the first deliberation because of engagements they had that would conflict with the competition, so production wasn’t going to make an exception for Hughes.

I kind of wish he would have made it back on time because that meant that Kyle Hatch got to stay and as we all know, I dislike him. Hughes’s vlogging prop video was pretty amazing compared to his previous videos and it definitively showed that he had grown.  It sucks that he went home because of a technicality but he knew what he was getting himself into when he decided to leave the studio.

Hatch’s video, on the other hand, was just as random and poorly executed as his other videos. It’s obvious that he’s not talking the critiques into consideration every week.

It’s by God’s good graces that he is still in the competition.

What makes me sadder is the fact that Marlin Chan was kicked off last week and I think he had more potential than Kyle Hatch. Le Sigh.

The winner’s of the challenge were The Fu Music with their stop-motion video “Coming Home.” I’m not going to lie, I almost “pulled a Lakin” (You see, I’m trying to make that a “thing;” so when people cry while watching Youtube vids they will be pulling a Lakin). AND if you’re interested in buying the song they used on their video, you can! It’s on iTunes!

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this week’s episode here.

This is me, being a fangirl when The Fu Music and Christine Lakin retweeted my blog:



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