Rainn Wilson in a Speedo? THUMBS UP.


Rainn Wilson, Dwight Schrute from The Office, is one of the founders of the website SoulPancake.com.

SoulPancake is a site in which people from different walks of life can chew on life’s big questions about religion, philosophy, arts, music, current events, etc.

Anyways, SoulPancake is getting an all new video network with different shows on Youtube, July 23rd and they need your help to get to 5,000 subscribers. Rainn Wilson himself has promised that if they reach 5,000 subscribers, he’s going to film himself meditating in a Speedo.

Not sure if that is a deal breaker or maker for a lot of subscribers…

So to sweeten the deal, six random subscribers will be chosen to participate in a Google Hangout with Wilson.

They already have over 3,000 subscribers to their channel, so hurry up and subscribe NOW!

Also, check out this video of Oprah interviewing Rainn on Super Soul Sunday on why he created SoulPancake.


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