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By Veronica Figueroa

Hola peeps! Sorry I haven’t blogged this week about Internet Icon. I’ve been slaving away at the mall, selling shoes to tourists who don’t understand me and fighting old ladies for parking spots. Same old.

So I don’t know about you but this week’s outcome of the show was pretty disappointing for me. The guest judge this episode was America’s Best Dance Crew’s D-trix.

The contestants had to create an infomercial for this challenge by using props/actors from the iconography room. The Brothers Riedell got first dibs on the props because they won the past challenge.

While everyone executed their ideas, Justin James Hughes was still trying to figure out what to film. He ended up shooting and editing a video in three hours, and surprisingly won the challenge. I’m sure that even he didn’t expect it, but his creative use of props and far-out ideas allowed him to win this challenge.

Now, you all remember Kyle Hatch, right? The guy who didn’t use the five words on the first challenge but miraculously didn’t get kicked out? Well, this episode he made the infomercial, but his character didn’t know what he was selling. The video lacked a story and explanation. Hatch was in the bottom two.

Marlin Chan accompanied Hatch in the bottom two this week. The judge’s thought that his video was lacking production value and that the idea was too “out there” and didn’t understand the product that he was trying to sell. He got eliminated.

I’m not going to lie, that broke my heart. Marlin Chan is so sweet and reminiscent of an early Ryan Higa. Also, he is so creative! I’m going to miss that kid. I wanted to hug him when he started crying; instead I hugged my laptop.

:-*(  Sad Face.

If Kyle Hatch keeps taking his own approach to this competition, I hope he gets eliminated.

You can watch Part 1 & Part 2 here.

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