Internet Icon: The Word Challenge

By Veronica Figueroa

The first challenge that the Internet Icon contestants had was “The Word Challenge.” In this challenge, the contestants had to use props and incorporate 5 out of these ten words into their dialogue:

1. Doctor

2. Icon

3. Butt

4. Ninja

5.  Lollipop

6. Platypus

7. Pony

8. Pizza

9. Banjo

10. Make up a word

They were all given 4hrs to work on the videos in their own private dressing/production rooms.

One of the groups, the Fu Music, chose to use a model for their video, while the Riedell Brothers chose to film their video in a morgue inside the studio.  Lana McKissack and Kyle Hatch ran into some issues when they both wanted to use the same mannequin, and Kyle ended up taking it.

Like true rockstars, Dayside Productions broke an expensive table during their filming and executive producer, Andy Fickman, was not pleased, to say the least.

American Idol finalist, Andrew Garcia was a guest judge this episode.

The winners of the challenge were the Riedell Brothers with their video “Dr. Moscow: Professional Doctor in America.” Their use of the morgue as the setting, crazy accents, a model and quick video cuts put them in first place. Their prize is an extra 30min and first pick of props for the next challenge which is creating an infomercial.

On the chopping block were Kyle Hatch, for using only 4 words, Tahir Moore, for not being technologically “there,” Dayside Productions, for having a hard to follow story line and for breaking the studio table and Joey Held. After much deliberation, Joey Held and Tahir Moore were sent home.

Click here for Part 1  and Part 2


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