Internet Icon: Deliberation & Top Ten

By Veronica Figueroa

So, episode two of Internet Icon was pretty stressful, not only for me (buffering!), but for the show’s judges as well.

Last week, we left off with all of the anxious YouTubers awaiting deliberation after meeting with the judges. Well, it turns out that Ryan Higa’s and Christine Lakin’s “Top Ten” list did not match up. With the help of executive producers Andy Fickman (producer “She’s the Man“) and Betsy Sullenger (co-producer “You Again“), they were able to narrow down the list to some contestants, but they were still far away from the “Top 10.”

Host, Chester See, came out to the room with the contestants and started reading names off of a list. After he was done going through the list, there was a surprising turn of events. All the people he had called forward were eliminated.



1. The Fu Music: “I’d Wear Lipstick”

2. Justin James Hughes: “Hughes Easterception”

3. Joey Held: “How To Pour Cereal”

4. Matt Morgan and Heidi Brucker: “Jack and Diane”

5. Dayside Productions: “Something about $4”

6. Marlin Chan: “Pho Bros”

7. Tahir Moore: “Angry Oranges”

8. Lana McKissack: “3 Minute Meals”

9. Kyle Hatch: “Life In A Gang”

10. Riedell Brothers: “Entry Video”


Watch The Deliberation here: Part 1  & Part 2 


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