He’s back from… wherever the hell he was at!

By Veronica Figueroa

Matt Harding, star of videos, “Where the Hell is Matt?” is back from… wherever the hell he was at, with “Where the Hell is Matt? 2012.”

Remember Matt’s first few videos in which he danced his kooky dance with locals from different countries? This video is a little bit different. In this one, he dances different routines taught to him by the locals. He also shows off his son at the end of the video. This video was ESPECIALLY cool because he danced in San Juan, Puerto Rico which is where I’m from (no, I’m not biased at all!).

It is impossible to not crack a smile when watching Harding dance with little ballerinas to attempting tribal dances. Despite everything is that is going on in the world, Harding has brought everyone together with the simple art of dance.

Harding is ranked #83 in Youtube’s Most Subscribed – All Time – Directors.

He should come to Florida on his next installment and dance on tables at Taverna Opa!

Here’s Harding dancing with an officer in North Korea. Enjoy!


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